Thursday, February 15, 2018

Uppsala, Sweden

I've been doing a fair amount of travelling lately. This weekend I'm glad to just stay in Lugano and catch up on some things.

Last weekend, I went to Uppsala, Sweden to attend a seminar on discourse theory and methods. It was a pretty interesting collection of students, and the professor was really nice and knowledgeable. 
Here's a picture of me presenting
(photo credit: Yiming)

Here is a picture of the group all together 

And here are some shots of the (super cold but apparently not as bad as usual) Uppsala

(photo credit: Monika)

I did end up getting a little bit of time to see Uppsala and Stockholm, but I have to be honest: it was way too cold for me to be walking around. Still, I'm glad that I got to see some old friends in Stockholm, visit a new country, and broaden my horizons when it comes to discourse theory. 

And, of course, what would a trip be without stuffing my face with (admittedly non-vegan) pastries?

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