Monday, January 29, 2018

Coimbra, Portugal

Last weekend I attended the annual preparatory meeting of the Master's semester abroad program that my boss and I coordinate. This year it took place in Coimbra, Portugal. At first Coimbra was cloudy (although still quite nice, to be honest)

But the weather improved notably.

The city is about 2 hours away from Lisbon, and had a quaint sort of University town charm.

I didn't get a lot of time to walk around, but the free time I did have was nice. I really like the small alleys of the ancient city center

University of Coimbra is the 7th oldest university in Europe and has some pretty impressive architecture

I also managed to accidentally order this giant puff pastry thing with my broken portuguese. It was still pretty fun to eat. 

My last day I only had a few hours, so I woke up early and walked to this familiar looking bridge...

It was a pretty nice weekend that also included a colloquium of sorts where all of the participants of the organizational meeting also presented their research, myself included. Now, I'm back in Lugano and there's a LOT to do, but I feel fairly energized by the positive experience and feedback. I head to Uppsala in 5 days so I thought I'd post this before I get too much of a backlog. Thanks for reading :)

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