Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Conference in Berlin

Haven't been posting lately, but that's probably to do with the huge amount of things that I've had to get done lately. I had a conference in Berlin, where I had my first poster session. It was interesting if only a little bit quantitative. I guess I should have known, given that the hosting institution was the German Institute for Economics. Here's a picture of me posing awkwardly for my mom

and here is a picture of the actual venue with the podium and whatnot. All in all, it was an okay experience (even if I didn't sleep that much beforehand and kind of ended up getting sick)


  1. I found by chance your blog...seems interesting, you work for communication wright? im designer in visual communication and would be cool improve my english and in exchange i can give you infos about my territory around lugano. its cool to read you blog! cheers Dave

    1. Ciao Dave! Se vuoi, possiamo fare uno scambio di lingue! Sto imparando l'italiano e cerco sempre qualcuno con cui posso parlare. Scrivimi su facebook, se ti va :)

  2. Benissimo! Ti ringrazio! Ti ho scritto in facebook!